Saturday, 26 February 2011

Can ordinary people really make money from the internet?

Good afternoon all!
I wanted to give you all a bit of background information about myself, I am a chef by trade, I am in my late twenties, got 2 mortgages, wife, daughter and absolutely no idea how I can make money from the internet. I love the internet, I love hunting for bargains, I love getting advice from forums, I love youtube, So i though there must be a way of making an income from the internet and maybe finding another career as I don't plan on spending 12 hours a day in a sweaty busy kitchen all my working life.
Now how do i go about making this fortune and changing my career and my life for the better? Well so far i have set up a blog on
i then added some ads from google adsense
i then set up an amazon associates account
next i set up a twitter account to send as much traffic as i can 
my twitter name is @blogstar28
Now i need as much help as i can get, so please give me any ideas or feedback you have.

I will keep searching my self and will update as regularly as i can

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