Monday, 28 February 2011

So where are we up to?

Afternoon All
So over the past few days I have been working hard on the blog and trying to generate as much traffic as possible. I have set up a link with Traffic Exchange Gold who are a fantastic site and dedicated for bloggers helping other bloggers get noticed. I have also been trying to ping my website with the help of these sites
auto pinger
ping o matic
ping my blog
blog pinger
feed ping
I have also been trying to set up a facebook page which is proving quite difficult and problematic.
I have set up clickbank, twitter and a few other things.

I have seen traffic increase but there has only been 61 views to the page in the first week, also i have had no ad clicks as yet.

I need as much feedback as i can from you guys on what is working on the blog? what is not? any suggestions? anything to to help push traffic and make some money?

thanks very much

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